Erich Gimpel, aka Agent 146, in March 2004 celebrating his 94th birthday with grandchildren in South America.

Navigating into Frenchman Bay U-1230 passed less than a half mile from the Bar Harbor town pier on it's inbound course. It laid on the bottom of the bay (X) all day Nov. 29th before surfacing off Hancock Point (upper left corner, see book cover below).

Richard Gay (left) with his ex-boss Dick Helms, taken at Helms's home in Georgetown, D.C. in October of 2000.

Building 1, NSGA, Winter Harbor

U-1230 skipper Hans Hilbig, in white hat, with his officers. A former Luftewaffe pilot, age 27 at the time of this photo, Hilbig died 11 June 2004.

Ex-CIA/NSA spook Richard Gay entering BLDG-1.

At right, Richard Gay "under cover." Can you guess where? Hints: the blonde was German, the waiter French, the cashier American, the month March.

Ex-spy Gay (left) with former CNN anchorman David French. Gay is no stranger to espionage and covert operations in foreign lands. He is finishing a new book, three years in the making, to be out later this year. He reveals extensive new intelligence on Operation Elster, with chapters on other U-boat special operations, including an exciting chapter of yet undisclosed information and original photographs on German agents ashore!

Above, Frenchman Bay with path of U-1230 en route to Crabtree Neck. MDI with mountains of Acadia National Park in background.

The above photos are the property of Richard Gay, Blue Hill, Maine, Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

Pictorial history published May 2003, $16.95. A must for WWII history and espionage buffs. Coffee-table size 8.5x11 with over 200 photos, some never-before seen. Aerial view of Hancock Point, the spies landing site in Frenchman Bay, on the cover, with Blue Hill mountain in the upper left background. For an autographed copy email:,, or tel: 207-374-2169.